Bright and Airy Glass Railings

In a collaboration with Cimring Architect and SWE-Build, a residential town-home got a much needed facelift. We transformed this town-home’s existing staircase with a few simple design details.

For this custom design, we combined glass and brushed stainless steel elements to completely revamp this space. Two glass panels along the staircase were installed by utilizing a stainless steel standoff anchor system, which was then covered with drywall. This gave the illusion of the glass railings protruding seamlessly from the stairs. A stainless steel flat-bar handrail was installed directly onto the glass panel, which then transitions to becoming wall mounted.

A glass guardrail was also installed on the second floor. This glass panel was top mounted to an aluminum base shoe, then covered with a white coated stainless steel cladding to match seamlessly with the flooring. A square shaped cap rail was also top mounted to the glass guardrail for added rigidity, creating a cohesive design with the other stainless steel elements.

Glass railings are an excellent choice for achieving a clean, modern ambiance. Sometimes, the simplest design detail make the largest impact!

Glass railings featuring stainless steel elements A stainless steel handrail is mounted directly onto the glass panels and transitions to being wall mounted Second Floor Guardrail
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