Clean Design – Glass Railings

In a collaboration with T-Design and Sky High Construction, we designed and installed glass railings throughout this residential home in Hollywood, Florida.

Glass railings are a great choice for opening up and brightening any space with more natural sunlight. We installed glass railings along one side of the main staircase. As you ascend, you are met with a wall-mounted stainless steel handrail. The stainless steel handrail was chosen to match the stainless steel cap rails installed onto the glass railings. On the second floor, glass guardrails were installed along the top of the staircase, as well as, the second floor overlook. Installing glass railings really kept this space looking light and airy.

On the exterior of this residential home, glass railings were installed on the second floor balcony. If you are looking to install glass railings onto an exterior balcony, laminated glass is recommended. In the event where the glass is shattered, laminated glass holds in place by an inter-layer between two layers of glass. This type of glass allows the shattered glass panel to stay intact. When installing laminated glass to your exterior railings, a stainless steel cap rail is usually top mounted to the glass panels for added rigidity. To anchor the laminated glass panels, we utilize a top mounted aluminum base shoe, which is then covered with a 316 grade brushed stainless steel cladding. Stainless steel in 316 Grade is preferred for outdoor use due to its greater resistance to corrosion than other grades of steel.

No matter what type of design you are trying to create, it can be achieved by choosing the appropriate elements.

Main staircase features glass railings and a squared cap rail. As you ascend, you are met with a wall-mounted stainless steel handrail.  Glass railings continue up the staircase onto the second floor guardrail.
Glass guardrails were installed on the second floor overlook View of the second floor overlook Exterior laminated glass guardrails were installed on the second floor balcony
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