Clear Glass Guardrail – Second Floor Overlook

When remodeling an existing staircase, choosing the right elements for your space and overall design is imperative. When selecting to work with clear glass, the possibilities of what you can create are endless!

For this immaculate residential space, we designed and installed a new railing system with clear glass panels. By selecting clear glass railings, much needed sunlight was able to flood the newly designed space without obstructing the beautiful views outdoors. Clear glass panels were installed on the second floor overlook by anchoring the panels to an aluminum base shoe. The base shoe was top mounted, then later covered with stainless steel cladding.

All of the stainless steel elements were chosen to be in a brushed finish, a nice touch to the overall aesthetic of the design. All of these elements came together to create an elegant yet modern looking railing design that ties in perfectly with the rest of this exquisite home.

Second Floor Glass Guardrail Clear Glass Panels were anchored to an Aluminum Base Shoe, then covered in Stainless Steel Cladding. Before Photo
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