Glass Meets Blackened Stainless Steel

A luxurious residential home was in need of renovating their outdated space. In a collaboration with 2ID Interiors, we designed and installed a new glass railing system with complementing blackened stainless steel accents.

When designing this main staircase, wood treads were chosen to have a dark stain. By choosing a dark stain, it created a nice contrasting element against the white walls and light flooring. Clear glass railings were installed along the staircase, and continued along the second floor overlook. Blackened stainless steel elements were chosen to complement surrounding fixtures, tying in with the rest of the home’s modern decor. A blackened stainless steel handrail was installed along one side of the staircase, transitioning from being wall mounted to mounted directly onto the glass railings.

Glass railings are an excellent choice for allowing natural light to brighten up any space. All of these design elements tied in together beautifully, creating a luxuriously modern decor flowing consistently throughout the home.

A collaboration with 2 ID Interiors Newly renovated staircase featuring glass railings Glass railings featuring blackened stainless steel elements
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