Hallandale Beach Project

A luxurious residential home located in sunny Hallandale Beach, Florida was looking to renovate their outdated space. In a collaboration with 2ID Interiors, we designed and installed an immaculately new staircase and railing design that matched the rest of this homeowner’s style and decor.

Walnut wood treads were chosen for this staircase design, creating a nice contrasting element against the white walls and light flooring. LED Lighting was also installed into every other tread, illuminating the staircase nicely. Tread lighting was accomplished by 2ID Interiors and Certified Building Systems. 9/16 low iron glass was installed along the staircase, and continued up the second floor overlook. Blackened stainless steel elements were chosen to complement surrounding fixtures, tying in with the rest of the home’s modern decor.

Exterior glass railings were also installed onto three balconies. The glass railings were anchored to a top-mounted base shoe which was later painted bronze to match with the home’s window framing. A bronze steel cap rail was also top-mounted to the glass panels for added rigidity. All of these design elements tied in together beautifully, creating a luxuriously modern decor flowing consistently throughout the home.

Photography credits to the esteemed Silvia Pangaro!

Glass railings continue up the staircase and along the second floor overlook. Second Floor Glass Guardrail Feature Matte Black Accents Walnut Treads Feature Built in LED Lights
Exterior Balconies Received Glass Railings Exterior Balcony Features Glass Railing All metal elements were painted bronze to match with the home's window framing.
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