Designing Staircases with Glass Treads

There are many different design details to choose from when creating your very own custom staircase. One of those design options is choosing the correct type of materials for your treads! Choosing to incorporate glass treads into your staircase design can create an open and airy ambiance; a great choice to utilize if you want to brighten up any darkened spaces with natural sunlight.

There are also different options of glass you can choose from as well for your treads. One type of glass you can utilize is laminated glass. Laminated glass is recommended when designing and installing glass treads or railings. In the event where the glass is shattered, laminated glass holds in place by an inter-layer between the two layers of glass. This type of glass allows the shattered glass panel to stay intact, which is particularly ideal for commercial spaces. Clear glass treads allow for natural sunlight to brighten up your home, whereas frosted glass treads can create a little more privacy without obstructing natural light from flooding in. Glass treads can also feature LED lighting, which is installed directly inside of each tread!

Frosted Glass Treads with LED Lighting Frosted Glass Treads Spiral Staircase Featuring Stainless Steel Railings with Glass Treads & Landing.

Glass treads are a great option for any type of staircase design. By incorporating these design details, you can transform any space into modern times with these unique features.

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