Center Beam Staircase Designs

Whether you are creating a custom design for either a residential home or a commercial space, there are many different factors to consider when designing your custom center beam staircase.

Residential Center Beam:

When designing custom center beam staircases for residential homes, combining different elements such as wood and stainless steel can change the overall aesthetic of your design. Choosing custom stains can blend your design in with the rest of your home’s decor.

Wood Treads with Open Risers The steel center-beam was painted white, contrasting nicely with the beech wood treads.

Floating Center Beam:

When installing a floating staircase, a center-beam may suit your space well. In this center-beam design, we placed three hidden anchor points. Two hidden anchor points are on the top left and a third hidden stringer is on the right, resulting in the illusion of a floating staircase. Truly an engineering masterpiece!

The steel center-beam was custom painted, creating a nice contrast with the wood treads. Featuring a Custom Steel Center-beam, Wood Treads with Closed Risers, and Clear Glass Inlay Railings.

A collaboration with Cuesta Construction, & designed by KZ Architecture.

Circular Center Beam:

Never be afraid to think outside of the box when designing your custom staircase. If your space is too small for a straight run staircase, consider creating a circular center-beam design! By implementing this design with light and airy qualities, we kept this space open to the beautiful ocean views.

The existing steel center beam was painted white, blending perfectly with the white flooring. Curved glass railings and chrome stainless steel helped this space look light and airy

A collaboration with our friends at D’asign Source.

Commercial Center Beam:

When designing any staircase for commercial spaces, there are specific building codes that must be followed. These building codes can be abided by without compromising the overall aesthetic of the design.

Steel Center Beam, Painted White High-end department store staircase stands four levels high.
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