Cable Railings – Commercial Staircase

Stainless steel cable railings are just one of many options we provide when designing custom railings for residential and commercial spaces. Commercial spaces must abide by strict building codes to ensure safety. When creating any commercial staircase design, it is imperative to enforce these building codes.

A simple way to create a unique aesthetic to your custom staircase design is by installing stainless steel cable railings. Incorporating cable railings into your design could be ideal for achieving more of a contemporary look to your space. These sleek, modern railings are great for transforming any outdated space. Cable railings are made of 316 grade stainless steel. Stainless steel in 316 Grade is ideal for outdoor use due to its greater resistance to corrosion than other grades of steel. The recommended spacing between cables is three inches apart. Cable railings are anchored in place by stringing each stainless steel cable through each post. Once the cables reach the end posts, they are secured with stainless steel anchors which can be tightened if any cable begins to loosen.

One requirement you must implement into any commercial staircase design is the height of the railings and handrails. As per Florida Building Code, railings must be 42″ high and handrails must be 36″ high. In the event where the staircase exceeds 44″ in width, it is required to have a handrail on each side of the staircase. This ensures the safety of dual traffic when traveling up and down the staircase simultaneously. Custom handrails can also be made in different shapes; from round, squared, to flat-bar styled handrails. Handrails can be chosen in many different finishes. Some of the most popular choices are brushed stainless steel, mirror polished, or matte black. Implementing the proper building codes into your commercial design will ensure safety without compromising the overall aesthetic of your design.

stainless steel cable railings Stainless Steel Cable railings Stainless Steel Handrail
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