Center Beam Staircase + Stainless Steel Railings

Simple design elements can completely transform your staircase from out dated and traditional to having more of a modern appeal. For this residential space, we designed a center beam staircase that would fit this homeowners style and decor.

This center beam staircase design features open riser wood treads and stainless steel rod railings. The wood treads were chosen to have a dark stain, creating a nice contrast with the white surroundings. Stainless steel posts were top mounted to the wooden treads, and a stainless steel handrail was also top mounted to each post.

Anchoring the stainless steel rod railings from the ceiling to each post along the staircase created an artistically modern feel to the space. Choosing all of the stainless steel elements to be in a brushed finish was also a nice touch for this modern design. Center beam staircases are a perfect solution for any small space. These type of staircase designs help keep spaces open and airy, while still maintaining more of a modern or contemporary feel.

Stainless steel rod railings were anchored from the ceiling to the posts. Center beam staircase featuring dark wood treads & Stainless steel railings
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