Curved Staircase Designs

When presented with a curved staircase, choosing the right elements can completely transform your space. A curved staircase in any room can become a beautiful focal point to your design.

Curved Stainless Steel Rods

In one residential home, the existing curved staircase was redesigned with a dark stained wood which created a beautiful contrasting element against the brushed stainless steel. We installed stainless steel rod railings along the curved staircase, which continued onto the second floor overlook. This design was able to tie in this grande staircase along with the rest of the home seamlessly.

Curved Stainless Steel Rod Railing with Top Mounted Posts Curved Stainless Steel Rod Railings & Top Mounted Handrail Curved Stainless Steel Rod Railings & Top Mounted Handrail

Curved Glass

In another beautiful waterfront home, we installed a new railing design for their curved staircase. For this residential home, we installed frameless glass railings up along the curved staircase and continued the glass railings onto the second floor guardrail. The glass railings prevent any waterfront view to be obstructed, and allows for some much needed natural light to flood the space. The glass railings were also accompanied by a brushed stainless steel handrail, which was mounted directly onto the glass panels on both sides of the curved staircase.

Glass panel railings continue onto the second floor guardrail. Curved glass railings with a stainless steel handrail directly mounted to the glass railings.

When creating a design for your new or existing curved staircase, keep in mind the endless possibilities you can achieve by focusing on design details. Whether you are creating contrasting elements or seamlessly tying in a design together, your ideal design can be achieved with the right components.

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