Custom Staircase Designs for any Space

Whether you are renovating an existing staircase or designing for new construction, our custom staircase designs are a perfect fit for your home or business. Our custom staircase designs start with focusing on the details.

Combining contrasting elements in your design can create a dramatic yet sleek ambiance to your space. For example, choosing a dark stain tread against a sleek white flooring creates a subtle contrasting element to the overall style. Handrails also come in many different fashions. From flat-bar to leather-wrapped, you can create any look you desire with the right design elements.

Designing your staircase with glass elements is also a great way to create a clean and airy ambiance. From clear starphire glass to adding a blackened tint, glass can be chosen in many colors and finishes. Glass elements allow for much needed natural sunlight to brighten up any darkened spaces you may have around your staircase. Choosing glass treads or railings for your staircase design can completely transform any space to modern times.

Commercial Staircase: Leather wrapped handrails were directly mounted to the floating starphire glass railings. Frame-less Glass Railings Featuring Floating Wood Treads with Open Risers Glass spiral staircase's can help brighten & open up any small space.
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