Designing with Custom Elements

When creating any custom design for your staircase or railings, the type of elements you choose can create drastically different results. From open and airy to modern and contemporary, the possibilities of what you desire for your design are endless!

Glass Elements: Clear laminated, Non-slip Treads, Frosted Glass, Privacy Glass

Choosing to incorporate glass into your staircase design can create an open and airy ambiance. It is a great choice to utilize if you want to brighten a once darkened space with natural sunlight. There are also different options of glass you can choose from as well. Clear glass treads and railings allow much needed natural light into your home, whereas frosted glass treads or panels can create a little more privacy without obstructing natural light. Another option for glass treads is a non-slip glass tread. These glass treads are textured to create an extra safety feature. For an upscale, modern look, privacy glass is a great option. When you choose privacy glass for your paneling, you can instantly create privacy without obstructing natural light with a simple flip of a switch!

Frosted Glass Non-slip Textured Treads Clear Laminated Glass
Privacy Glass: On Privacy Glass: Off
Wood Elements: Open or Closed Riser Treads, Zigzag Design, Floating

Wooden treads can be custom made to the vision you desire. From the type of wood to the color of stain, you can create the look you desire in your home. One custom design we have utilized is a closed riser tread we refer to as a zigzag design. This option is great if you are looking to achieve a more modern/contemporary look. Another option to choose from is an open riser wood tread design. These treads can either be utilized on cantilevered staircases, center beams, or dual stringer staircase designs.

Zigzag Design: Oak Wood Treads with Closed Risers Dual Stringer with Floating Wood Treads Center Beam Staircase with Open Risers
Custom Wood Treads with Riser Bars Custom Wood Treads without Riser Bars
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