Staircase Designs for Residential Spaces

There are many options to choose from when designing a custom staircase or railing system for your residential space. One of the most popular staircase designs chosen is the Cantalivered Staircase.

Cantilevered staircase designs are a perfect choice for accomplishing more of a modern or contemporary style to your space. These type of staircases are anchored to one side by a steel frame. The steel frame is later covered, creating the illusion of a floating staircase. Choosing your cantilevered staircase to have open risers can assist in creating an open, airy ambiance. Closed riser treads on a cantilevered staircase creates a unique zigzag design, perfect for any home looking to create more of a modern touch.

Two of three new cantilevered staircases for this stunning mansion in Fort Lauderdale‘s Bay Colony Our cantilevered design features frosted glass treads with LED lighting installed right inside of them! A pyramid design was created for the landing, providing dual access up the stairs.

Spiral staircase designs are also another popular choice for residential homes. These type of staircases are a great choice for any small space needing more natural light. Choosing the right elements for your curved railings can create the ambiance you yearn for. From clean and airy to luxuriously modern, the right design details can create the style you desire. Glass spiral staircase designs can help open up and brighten any small space.

Spiral Staircase Featuring Stainless Steel Railings with Glass Treads & Landing. A Rounded Stainless Steel Handrail was Top Mounted to the Stainless Steel Rod Railings. SEP_3440-HDR

Selecting the correct corresponding design details is most important when creating a custom design. From creating dramatic contrast to seamless designs, you can create the look you desire. By incorporating these design details, you can transform any space to become immaculately luxurious.

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    We are in the process of construction our residence in Northern California and are looking for a catilevered staircase system similar to the Fort Lauderdale‘s Bay Colon project on your Web site. How would we proceed with our inquiry.

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