Glass Stairs for Infinity at Brickell

A while back we posted about a project located in Infinity at Brickell, a highrise loft condominium located in the heart of Miami’s downtown Brickell area.

Infinity at Brickell standard stairs

Stairs in Infinity at Brickell before Bella Stairs

Modern, curved glass stairs

Stairs in Infinity at Brickell after Bella Stairs

The powerful design of these glass stairs incorporates curved glass railing, glass treads, and a stainless steel support system which completely transforms the space inside this downtown loft in Miami’s luxurious Infinity at Brickell.

The welded stainless steel support system allowed us to span the footprint of the staircase without vertical support, using 1 1/4″ thick structural glass for the glass treads also assisted in accomplishing this.

These stairs were custom made and are considered Straight Stairs, though some companies refer to them as helical stairs because of their curved shape. However, helical stairs should not be confused with spiral stairs. True spiral stairs have a central column, which is why this set of glass stairs for Infinity at Brickell are not considered to be spiral.

The overall project took approximately 4 months to complete and included an additional specialty, a custom Glass Privacy Wall for the master bedroom suite. This allows for the desired illusion of a solid wall surface with the option for translucency and privacy.

Modern, curved glass stairs

Modern, curved glass stairs inside downtown Miami’s Infinity at Brickell condominium.

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