Commercial Staircase Design – Vitas Headquarters

Prior to executing an approved commercial staircase design in the custom stair world, the Commercial Building code regulations provide numerous requirements to abide by. Bella Stairs was contracted to provide this means of new egress for the Vitas Headquarters.

Featuring 42″ high laminated glass railings along with 48″ wide walking space, this straight staircase was designed to provide a floating look while maintaining all structural requirements as per the Florida Building Code 2010 Commercial requirements.

This steel and glass staircase connected the 3rd and 4th floor foyers, providing a new circulation of foot traffic for the employees. All structural steel remains behind soft, white elements. The frame-less glass railings appear to ascend from the staircase structure, and are tied together with stainless steel elements. Two stainless steel handrails are required by Commercial code, while the additional cap rail provides much needed structural strength to the guardrails.

The final product resulted with this modern, white, floating staircase uniting theĀ 3rd and 4th floor foyers. Along with the final designer touches and wall covering details, the overall aesthetic came together for this clean and sharp office space.

Lobby entrance located on 4th floor View of staircase descending to 3rd floor Lobby entrance located on 4th floor Intermediate landing
Bottom of staircase with extension required for commercial handrails Staircase in 3rd floor lobby Staircase adjacent to glass wall Staircase from 3rd floor entry
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