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When designing a custom staircase or railing system, choosing the correct design details and elements is imperative for a cohesive design. There are many options to choose from when creating a custom design. From wood, glass, to stainless steel, the combinations you can create are endless.

Creating a contrasting effect to your custom design can create that dramatic effect you seek. Different patterns and elements can create an interesting aesthetic to any space. Choosing a dark stain wood tread against a sleek white flooring creates a subtle contrasting element to the overall design. You can also create a contrasting effect by choosing a light color wood stain to contrast against matte black elements. This combination can also create a dramatic, yet contemporary contrasting effect.

When working with glass elements, there are many options to choose from to create the look you desire. Glass elements can be chosen to come in many different finishes; ultra clear starphire glass, frosted glass, or you can add a color tint to your glass! Starphire glass, a high-clarity type of glass, is made from silica with very low amounts of iron. Starphire glass is ideal for when clean lines and clarity is desired in your design. Choosing to add a tint to your glass partitions or railings is a great option to achieve more of a contemporary look to your space.

Walnut Treads Feature Built in LED Lights Contrast Nicely Against The Surrounding White Walls Black matte steel rods contrasting against light wood treads 10

Whether creating contrasting elements or achieving a contemporary design, the look you desire can be achieved simply by choosing the right design details for your space. Sometimes it is the smallest design detail that makes the largest impact!

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