Commercial Staircase with Glass Railings in Miami Design District

Located in the heart of Miami’s very own Design District’s Palm Courts, you can find one of our very own commercial staircase designs! In one of the few stores where they combine two separate corporations under one roof; we composed a tasteful staircase design that features glass and brushed stainless steel elements.

This commercial staircase design includes three enlarged landings, one in which is completely floating! Laminated glass panels were installed along the staircase and continue onto the second floor guardrail with a squared top-mounted stainless steel cap rail. As you ascend up the stairs, you are met with a rounded stainless steel handrail on both sides. The handrails were mounted directly onto the glass railings and transition to being wall-mounted as you reach the second floor. The streamline details allow for a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

Featuring glass railings, a rounded stainless steel handrail, & squared stainless steel cap rails. A rounded stainless steel handrail was mounted directly onto the glass panels. Squared stainless steel cap rails were top mounted to each glass panel.
All of the stainless steel elements were chosen to be in a brushed finish. Perspective shot descending from the second floor. Second floor glass guardrails also feature a top mounted stainless steel cap rail.
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