Curved Glass Railing Designs

When presented with a curved staircase in a residential or commercial space, we know how imperative it is to choose the correct design elements. A staircase with curved glass railings can become a beautiful focal point to your design in any room and transform any space into modern times.

Curved glass railings can be installed on any type of staircase by utilizing different anchor systems. For this center-beam staircase, the curved glass railings were installed by utilizing a stainless steel standoff system. Two stainless steel standoff anchors were installed onto each side of the concrete treads, holding the curved glass panels in place. Never be afraid to think outside of the box when designing your custom staircase. If your space is too small for a straight run staircase, consider creating a circular center-beam design!

Curved glass railings and chrome stainless steel helped this space look light and airy Curved glass railings were anchored with a stainless steel standoff system. Two stainless steel standoffs were anchored to each side of the concrete treads.

Another way to install curved glass railings onto your staircase is to install them into a base shoe. For this type of staircase, the curved glass railings are installed in a base shoe channel up along the curved staircase. This creates the illusion of glass railings protruding from the floor. When creating a design for your new or existing curved staircase, keep in mind the endless possibilities you can achieve by focusing on design details.

Schneider 1 Curved glass railings with a stainless steel handrail directly mounted to the glass railings. Tempered glass panel railings continue onto the second floor guardrail.

Whether you are creating contrasting elements or seamlessly tying in a design together, your ideal design can be achieved with the right components.

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