Designing with Starphire Glass

When choosing to implement glass elements into your custom staircase designs, you may come to realize that there are many different types of glass options to choose from. If clean lines and a bright ambiance is the look you desire for your luxurious home, consider using starphire glass in your custom design!

Starphire glass is an ultra-clear, high-clarity glass made from silica with very low amounts of iron. By having low levels of iron, it removes the greenish-blue tint that can be seen in other types of glass. Starphire glass leaves a clean and bright ambiance to any room. A perfect solution for anyone who desires to brighten up a darkened spaces. We have utilized starphire glass in many of our glass railing designs, and the results are always stunning. Sometimes the smallest details makes the largest impact.

Starphire glass railings kept this space clean and bright A starphire glass panel was installed on the second floor guardrail. Starphire glass keeps any space light and airy.

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