Glass Enclosures for Commercial Spaces

Glass wall enclosures are one of the many custom design elements we can create for any residential or commercial space. Adding a simple design element like glass transforms any space to have more of a bright and airy ambiance with a modern touch.

Our glass enclosures and railing designs can truly accentuate the grandeur of any corporate main lobby entrance. In regards to the type of materials utilized in commercial spaces, when selecting glass, it is stated in the Florida Building Codes to use Laminated Glass for safety purposes. In the event where laminated glass is broken, the broken glass panel stays intact due to an inter-layer between the glass. This prevents any shards of glass from injuring anyone.

Creating a custom design while following building codes is imperative to execute a cohesive design in any commercial space. When installing laminated glass for wall enclosures overlooking below, Florida Building Code dictates that you do not need a safety rail. Implementing these building codes into your commercial design will ensure safety without compromising the overall aesthetic of your design. There are many options to choose from when creating your custom design, the possibilities of what you can create are endless.

Commercial Space: Laminated Glass Wall Enclosure on the Second Floor Commercial Space: Laminated Glass Wall Partition  Residential Space: Laminated Glass Wall Enclosure define the Master Bedroom without blocking any views.
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