Glass Railings + Stainless Steel Standoff – Project Takeover

This project takeover was all about clean lines and a clean design! Homeowners of this beautiful home in Doral, FL were looking to renovate their existing staircase to match their modern style and decor. The combination of materials used completely transformed this staircase. From Stainless steel standoff anchors to glass railings and floating wood treads; design is always in the details.

For this existing staircase, we painted the structure white. Selecting the correct shade of white can make a larger impact than you think. A matte white two shades darker will polish this staircase up versus a standard bright satin white. Not all shades create the same impact. The existing treads were replaced with floating wood treads. The dark stained wood treads created a nice contrast with the painted white structure. We also installed clear glass railings along the existing staircase. The glass railings were anchored using a brushed stainless steel standoff system.

Clean lines always make the largest impacts. By adding glass railings and open riser treads, we were able to open up and brighten this once darkened space.

Floating Box Treads with Open Risers Featuring Clear Glass Railings, Stainless Steel Standoffs, and Floating Wood Treads By adding glass railings and open riser treads, the space opened up to much more natural sunlight,
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