Wood Stain – Custom Design

Choosing the proper color stain for your wooden stair treads is one detail you do not want to overlook in your design. Choosing the right type of wood stain will create the look you desire and bring your overall design into fruition. Whether you are matching color stain or creating contrasting elements, the possibilities are endless when creating custom designs.


When creating a coherent staircase design, matching the existing wood stain to the new wooden treads can create a clean, seamless look to your overall design. Coordinating the existing hard wood floors to match the new wood treads allow for all of the other spaces to tie in together beautifully. Choosing the right color stain for your wood treads could completely change the overall aesthetic of your design.

The steel center-beam was painted white, contrasting nicely with the white oak wood treads.


In other custom staircase designs, we have utilized the choice of wood stain to create a dramatic contrasting element to the overall aesthetic. A dark color stain can also create a similar affect when combined with light colored flooring or walls. The element of contrast can create a dramatic effect to any design. When creating any custom design, never hesitate to think outside of the box. As we always say, design is in the details!

Frame-less Glass Railings Featuring Floating Wood Treads with Open Risers

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