Bronze Glass Railings in Aventura, FL

Adding color to your glass can compliment the overall aesthetic of any room. Just take a look at this custom bronze glass railing job in this residential home in Aventura, Florida. Adding a bronze tint to the glass panels and combining it with brushed stainless steel elements completely transformed this space.

As you ascend up the staircase, you are met with a round stainless steel handrail. The handrail was mounted directly onto the glass panels and transitions seamlessly to being wall-mounted. The bronze glass railings were anchored along the staircase using a stainless steel standoff system. The second floor glass guardrails were anchored using an aluminum base shoe, then later covered in stainless steel cladding. All of the stainless steel elements used were chosen to come in a brushed finish, creating a nice contrast with the bronze glass railings.

Bronze Tinted Glass Railings with a Stainless Steel Handrail Bronze tinted glass panels were anchored using stainless steel standoffs. Bronze Tinted Glass Railings
Second Floor Bronze Glass Guardrail Second Floor Bronze Glass Guardrail
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