Glass Panel Railings + Stainless Steel Standoffs

A residential home in sunny Miami, FL was in need of new railings for their existing concrete staircase. For this once open staircase, we designed and installed a new glass panel railing system which features stainless steel standoffs.

Glass panel railings were installed along one side of this concrete staircase. The glass panel railings were anchored to the concrete stair by utilizing a stainless steel standoff system. Two stainless steel standoffs were anchored on every other step to maintain each glass panel in place. A stainless steel handrail was also wall mounted along the staircase.

Choosing the stainless steel finishes to come in a brushed finish added a nice touch to the overall design. Resulting in a simple industrial design for a nice contemporary space. Another successful installation for Bella Stairs!

Glass railings featuring stainless steel standoff anchors A stainless steel handrail was wall mounted along the staircase Perspective shot going downstairs
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