Glass Standoff Railings in Modern Townhouse

A young, vibrant homeowner wanted to transform their traditional townhouse to modern times. The existing staircase featured tacky pink shag carpeting and traditional metal spindle railings. Needless to say, this staircase needed help!

Our modern glass railing design features glass panel railings and stainless steel standoffs, which allowed us to gain some width on the existing narrow staircase. The clear glass panels were side mounted using a stainless steel standoff anchor system, and a stainless steel handrail was also mounted directly onto the glass panels. The glass railings continue along the staircase to the second floor overlook, leaving the space open to more natural light.

All of the stainless steel elements utilized were chosen to have a brushed finish, a nice touch to this modern design. Combining these design elements together resulted in completely transforming this space from outdated to having more of a modern style and decor.

A Stainless Steel Handrail Was Mounted Directly onto the Glass Panels Modern Glass Railing Design Featuring Brushed Stainless Steel Elements Glass Panels Were Side-Mounted with Stainless Steel Standoff Anchors
Glass railings continue onto the second floor guardrail A Brushed Stainless Steel Handrail Continues onto the Second Floor Guardrail View from the second floor guardrail

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