Unique Glass + Stainless Steel

Simple design details can transform any space from modest and dull, to unique and modern! In this residential home, we transformed a fairly common space into a one of a kind design with a unique glass floor partition and stainless steel elements.

On the existing staircase, we installed a stainless steel flat bar handrail. As per Florida Building Code in residential spaces, the handrail was only required to be wall mounted onto one side of the staircase. All of the stainless steel elements were chosen to be in a brushed finish, a nice touch to the overall aesthetic. As you ascend to the second floor, you are met with quite a unique feature. A glass floor partition! Laminated glass was utilized in creating a glass floor partition. Laminated glass is recommended for designing and installing glass treads, railings, and glass partitions. In the event where the glass is shattered, laminated glass holds in place by an inter-layer between the two layers of glass. This type of glass allows the shattered glass panel to stay intact, which is particularly ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Our unique glass floor partition was installed in a small area, allowing for much needed natural light to brighten up the space downstairs. Truly a one of a kind design!

Brushed Stainless Steel Flat-bar Handrail Brushed Stainless Steel Flat-bar Handrail was wall mounted onto one side Laminated Glass Floor Partition
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