Spiral Staircase – Glass Treads

In a collaboration with Surfaces By Raymond J, an outdated spiral staircase inside a beautiful penthouse unit received a much needed upgrade!

For this immaculate penthouse, we completely revamped the existing spiral staircase to feature glass treads and brushed stainless steel elements. Laminated glass was utilized to create the glass treads. In the event where laminated glass tread is broken, the broken glass panel will stay intact due to an inter-layer between the glass. This prevents any shards of glass from injuring anyone, and allows the shattered glass panel to stay intact. Curved stainless steel rod railings were installed with a top mounted stainless steel handrail throughout the staircase, which continues onto the second floor guardrail.

Glass treads allow for much needed natural light to illuminate any darkened spaces. Combining glass and brushed stainless steel elements together created a clean, modern ambiance to a once outdated space.

Spiral Staircase Featuring Glass Treads and Stainless Steel Elements Glass treads are a great option for allowing much needed natural light into your space Second Floor Guardrail Features Brushed Stainless Steel Rod Railings & a Laminated Glass Landing
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