Spiral Stairs – Space Saver Stairs

Space is a valuable commodity, particularly when dealing with downtown living. From New York City and Chicago, to the newly revived Miami, Florida, downtown living is an accessible option for new and ambitious home owners.

Yet there is always the issue of “usable space.” Every square foot counts, and stairs can occupy a large footprint of that usable space.

The answer? Bella Stairs has the perfect solution for you – Spiral Stairs.

Spiral Stairs can allow that occupied footprint to be decrease by 60 – 70%, and still maintain circulation throughout the space. Spiral Stairs come in an array of materials with treads of glass, wood, marble, or stainless steel. Railing can also be stainless steel, as well as curved glass! Bella Stairs assures its customers that all spiral stairs are designed and engineered to pass inspections and building code regulations, an added relief to any homeowner renovating their apartment or home.

As a piece of art, spiral stairs can save space, and add tremendous value and style to your home. Not to mention easy to assemble and install in almost every space! Spiral stairs are the solution to adding more usable square footage to your living space for those high ceiling lofts, traditional homes, plus the standard two story apartment in the city.

Spiral Stairs are unquestionably the necessary choice for all downtown loft owners to maximize their livable square footage. And Bella Stairs is here to help. Visit our spiral stairs gallery and contact us today!

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