Custom Center Beam Meets Stainless Steel Elements

When designing a new custom center beam staircase for this residential home, we combined wood with stainless steel elements to blend in with the rest of the home’s style.

This custom center beam, made of solid steel, was painted white to blend in with the surrounding white walls. We installed white oak wood treads with open risers to keep this space feeling open and airy. Stainless steel rod railings were installed along the staircase. The stainless steel posts were top mounted to the wood treads, anchoring in the horizontal rods. A round stainless steel handrail was top mounted to each stainless steel post. Another handrail was also wall mounted to the other side of the staircase. All of the Stainless steel elements were chosen to be in a brushed finish, tying in nicely with the home’s surrounding decor.

Custom Center Beam Staircase Features White Oak Wood Treads with Open Risers and Stainless Steel Elements Stainless Steel Rod Railings were installed on this Center Beam Staircase. The steel center-beam was painted white, contrasting nicely with the white oak wood treads.
A stainless steel handrail was also wall mounted. All of the stainless steel elements were chosen to be in a brushed finish.
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