Floating Zig Zag Stair + Glass Standoff

This beautiful ocean front residency received a complete makeover. Bella Stairs designed and installed an immaculate floating zig zag staircase featuring glass standoff railings.

This contemporary staircase features an exposed zig zag design, giving the illusion of a floating staircase. Choosing a dark stain for the wood treads also created a nice contrast with the light flooring. Glass panels were anchored along the staircase, as well as, the second floor overlook by utilizing a stainless steel standoff anchor system. The stainless steel standoff anchors were chosen to be in a brushed finish, a nice touch to the overall design. The clear glass railings opened up the space to beautiful ocean views and some much needed sunlight, brightening up this immaculate home. Combining all of these architectural details & design elements together truly complements the homeowner’s style and decor perfectly.

Zig zag staircase featuring glass railings Brushed stainless steel standoff anchors keep the glass railings in place Glass railings continued along the second floor overlook
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