Sleek Glass Railings in Aventura Home

This week we are featuring another successful collaboration with Florida’s finest, Dkor Interiors & Newman Brother’s Construction! A beautiful residential home located in sunny Aventura, Florida received a sleek and sharp new custom stair design for their newly renovated home. Featuring a combination of wood, glass, and stainless steel materials. Our custom design truly transformed this space to match the rest of the home’s modern style.

As you ascend up the staircase, you are met with a wall mounted stainless steel flat-bar handrail and frame-less glass railings. Bamboo wood treads with closed risers were installed to match seamlessly with the flooring chosen on the second level. Sleek glass railings were anchored using a stainless steel standoff system, which were later covered with drywall to give the illusion of a frame-less glass railing emerging from the wall. The glass railings continue onto the second floor guardrails, as well as, the second floor overlook to the downstairs living room. All of the wood and dry wall installation was done by our friends at Newman Brother’s Construction.

On the upstairs exterior balcony, we installed laminated glass railings with top mounted stainless steel cap rails for added rigidity. The laminated glass panels were top mounted with an aluminum base shoe, then later covered with stainless steel cladding. All of the stainless steel elements used in this design were chosen to come in a brushed finish.

Featuring Bamboo Wood Treads, Frame-less Glass Railings, & A Stainless Steel Flat-bar Handrail. A stainless steel flat-bar handrail was wall-mounted along side the staircase. Glass Panels were side mounted using stainless steel standoffs, then covered in drywall.
Second Floor Glass Guardrails & Second Floor Overlook. Exterior Balcony: Aluminum Base Shoe with Stainless Steel Cladding, Laminated Glass Railings, & a Stainless Steel Cap Rail. Aluminum Base Shoe with Stainless Steel Cladding, Laminated Glass Railings, and a Stainless Steel Cap Rail.
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